Revenue Cycle Redesign

Effective cash generation goes beyond effective billing and collections processes.  In fact, many write-offs occur because of revenue cycle challenges occurring before a claim is ever generated.  Issues within any revenue cycle department can  can create obstacles to payment or result in write-offs. Proactive evaluation of an organization starting at the point of referral and continuing through to billing and collections is required for achieving efficient cash generation.  BlackTree employs an organization-wide approach to revenue cycle improvement.  By improving integration between clinical and financial operations, providers are able to increase overall collections.

BlackTree offers a wide range of revenue cycle redesign solutions to achieve optimal operational levels:

  • restructure revenue cycle departments
  • process re-engineering
  • interim staffing and management
  • staff training
  • leverage the use of technology 

BlackTree has the financial and operational expertise to improve billing and collections practices and the operational processes that impact the billing department. We fully understand the interdependent nature of an effective revenue cycle and can tailor a solution to assist your agency in improving collections.

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