Operational and Quick Insight Assessments

Operational assessments provide agencies with an improved understanding of their current operations and identify opportunities for improvement.  BlackTree offers two different assessment options: a full Operational Assessment and a Quick Insights Assessment.

Operational Assessment

Conducted on-site over several days, BlackTree’s Operational Assessment involves staff observation and interviews to review structure, process, staffing, workflow, and current EMR use and set-up.  The assessment evaluates staffing levels, job functions, centralization, proper distribution and allocation of responsibilities, and overall workflow within the organization. 

BlackTree’s Operational Assessment examines all areas of an agency’s revenue cycle functions.   BlackTree identifies opportunities for process improvement and increased efficiencies from Intake through Billing and Collections.  As part of this assessment, an analysis of key performance indicators is completed including comparison to BlackTree’s best practices.

Quick Insights Assessment

With our Quick Insights Assessment, BlackTree provides a review of specific key revenue cycle and operational functions.  The engagement includes a one-to-two-day on-site evaluation of operations and the analysis of key performance indicators.  With each assessment type, BlackTree will provide the agency with specific recommendations based upon our findings and will also develop a plan to implement the recommendations.

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