Merger and Acquisition Support

Well executed mergers and acquisitions play a key role in an organization’s growth strategy. The long-term success of an acquisition is largely dependent upon an agency’s ability to smoothly integrate the acquired organization into its current operations. BlackTree can help you capitalize on the benefits available through acquisition by helping you develop an integration strategy designed to cultivate the strengths of both organizations. We provide hands-on managerial support to guide you through the integration by driving internal collaboration, identifying opportunities for efficiency and building a workplan to achieve defined targets.  By doing so, BlackTree supports the growth of your current and future management team and mitigates risk of setbacks during the life cycle of the acquisition. 

 BlackTree recognizes acquisitions can be particularly disruptive to an agency’s billing and collections functions. Collecting old receivables assumed as part of an acquisition can be very challenging. Billers may face an unfamiliar software platform, new payors and increased volumes. This coupled with the need to integrate the unfamiliar revenue cycle processes of the acquired organization, can be overwhelming for a billing department. A poorly executed receivables strategy can derail many of the financial benefits of an acquisition. BlackTree can help you develop a strategy for your billing department related to an acquisition or support you with interim staffing or A/R outsourcing to relieve some of the stresses placed on the billing department.

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