Coding and OASIS

Accurate coding and OASIS completion drive both clinical and financial outcomes for homecare agencies. With the high level of skill required for coding and OASIS accuracy, organizations can struggle with maintaining an acceptable level of internal expertise. When you partner with BlackTree, our dual certified coding and OASIS reviewers focus on analyzing the entire medical record to support appropriate documentation completion. BlackTree offers both short-term and long-term services, including one-time or overflow support, or a full outsource of all coding and/or OASIS reviews. As part of all coding and OASIS review services, BlackTree provides reports comparing pre and post review reimbursement, clinical trends, and recommended changes to documentation. This reporting will allow you to focus educational efforts specific to deficiencies identified during our review process. These can be M0 item related or related to specific agency clinicians. With BlackTree’s coding and OASIS services, you can increase your revenue while affording your staff the time necessary to focus on agency operations.