Billing and Collections Outsource

Billing and collections can be a great challenge for healthcare providers, thereby taking away from the primary goal of delivering exceptional patient care. Outsourcing these functions can help to increase cash flow, improve compliance and allow your focus to remain on daily operations. Finding qualified billers who understand both the intricacies of home health, hospice, and SNF billing and the complexity of the entire revenue cycle is very challenging. Without the services of expert billers and strong receivables management controls, agencies can lose reimbursement and open themselves up to undue compliance issues.

When we manage your receivables, we partner with you to improve overall operations which will ultimately increase cash flow for your organization. Whether you would like to outsource your entire billing and collections process or just a few problem payors, BlackTree will exceed your expectations by increasing your collections, reducing your write-offs and allowing you to focus on your core business.

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