Clinical Consulting Services

BlackTree’s team of clinical leaders has the expertise and real-life experience to help prepare your agency for the industry’s ever-changing landscape. The home health and hospice industry will continue to face increased regulatory scrutiny and declining reimbursement for the foreseeable future.  Whether you need assistance with OASIS/coding, VBP preparation, Episode Management, improving outcomes, ADR appeals, or any other clinical challenge that your organization faces, BlackTree’s team of clinical experts is here to support you.

“I have had the opportunity to work directly with BlackTree Healthcare Consulting over the past four years. Their expertise with the nuances of our industry with respect to operational, financial and clinical services is exceptional. Their working understanding of reimbursement issues, combined with their knowledge of the regulatory scrutiny home health is faced with assists in offering a full, well rounded and competent product. I never hesitate to refer my colleagues to BlackTree, knowing they will receive undivided attention and incomparable service well worth the investment.”
– Denise Altomare, CEO Care at Home, Inc

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Clinical Documentation Review and Redesign

Whether using paper or electronic medical records, agencies are faced with the challenge of finding a balance between collecting necessary patient information without overwhelming clinicians with unnecessary or duplicative documentation. The development of concise, evidence-based documentation, in support of regulatory requirements, is critical to providing exceptional care and defending practices under increased payor scrutiny. By analyzing an organization’s current documentation while considering survey trends and outcomes, BlackTree’s clinical consultants can assist by redesigning templates and forms to assist in the capture of necessary data to support both regulatory requirements and quality patient care.