Coding & OASIS Outsourcing Services

Improve Quality Measures, Documentation Accuracy, and Compliance Goals


Accurate coding and OASIS completion drive clinical and financial outcomes for homecare agencies. Since a high level of skill is necessary for OASIS accuracy and coding, organizations can struggle with maintaining an acceptable level of internal expertise. When you partner with BlackTree our certified coding and OASIS reviewers focus on analyzing the medical record to support appropriate reimbursement. BlackTree offers both short-term and long-term services, including one-time or periodic analysis, full outsource of all hospice coding or OASIS and coding reviews. As part of all coding and OASIS review services, BlackTree provides reports comparing pre and post review reimbursement, clinical trends, and recommended changes to documentation. With BlackTree’s coding and OASIS services, you can increase your revenue while affording your staff the time necessary to focus on agency operations.

Engagement & Communication
  • Designated Team Lead to answer chart questions, provide education on reviewers’ commenting and rationale, and ensure overall quality of  reviews for project
  • Weekly engagement calls during first month of engagement kick-off
  • Monthly engagement status calls with Program Director, Manager and Team Lead
  • Provide efficient communication regarding opportunities at the chart, clinician and agency level
  • Leverage BlackTree’s proprietary system to track and monitor status of all chart reviews

Client preparation for industry changes with OASIS-D, PDGM and Value Based Purchasing.

Improve RAP Turnaround

On average, all reviews completed within 2 business days from the time chart is received by BlackTree.

An Experienced Clinical Team

Less than 4% of  applicants are hired at BlackTree, with 95% of our reviewers licensed  as Registered Nurses. Applicants undergo a six-chart Quality  Assurance process to validate skillset, and must have a minimum  of a 95% accuracy rate to successfully pass.  Applicant qualifications include:


  1. Prior home health experience
  2. Current dual certifications in ICD-10 and OASIS*
  3. Minimum of five years of Coding and OASIS experience
  4. Residents of the United States
Quality Assurance

BlackTree’s Coding and OASIS leadership perform ongoing monthly QA to ensure that the 95%  accuracy rate is being met by all reviewers. Any reviewer that performs below this standard  undergoes a rigorous internal educational curriculum with focus on the identified deficient areas.  Further, the reviewer’s Team Lead initiates a stringent evaluation program with increased QA and  tailors the education program to coach the reviewer back to successfully meeting the 95% accuracy  standard.

BlackTree is truly a partner in our success. All  of the BlackTree reviewers are knowledgeable  in what they do and have provided training to both Home Health and Hospice staff when they identify a need.”

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