An in-depth panel discussion addressing all of the considerations on your agency’s operations for diversifying your payor mix. Moderated by BlackTree’s Nick Seabrook, our panel of four experts covers: staffing impact, technology impact, revenue cycle impact, and contract considerations.
• Diversifying payor mix can increase opportunities to offer continuity of care to patients and referral sources, and increase market share

• Understand payor rules to ensure current technology and processes can adapt to increased payor population

• Build a payor matrix to document and manage all specific payor information

• Utilize technology to automate certain revenue cycle processes for payor specific rules

• Evaluate current technology platform to determine appropriate set-up for current and future payors

• Engage with individuals from the payor that can influence the contracting process

• Leverage vendors, partners, state and national associations for knowledge of state and federal mandates

• Review Medicaid program requirements for opportunities to expand service lines within existing frameworks