Leading experts from the home care and hospice industry share their personal stories of how COVID-19 has affected their organizations and discuss the current and future impact of COVID-19 on agency operations. This all-star panel offers diverse and insightful perspectives based upon decades of industry leadership.

Key Takeaways

What is your biggest challenge currently with COVID?

  • Workforce stretched thin and decreased staffing in combination with some of the highest patient censuses to date
    • Staffing concerns increase as schools reopen and current staff obligations go elsewhere
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) logistics
  • Mandated limited access to patients in facilities due to external staff restrictions

What should we be advocating for now in congress?

  • Support the use and expansion of telehealth
  • Delay the Medicare Advantage carve-in for 2021
  • Address and intervene in the nursing staff shortage
  • Lift restriction and allow access to patients in facilities to perform care

 What opportunities have come from Covid ?

  • Required and now established better communication across the agency
    • Weekly townhall meetings
  • Redefine a patient centric approach
  • The role home health experts can play in public health
  • It has elevated hospice and home health

What impacts has remote workforce had on your organization?

  • Positive back-office work from home experiences in productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Positive trends in retention and recruitment
  • Future concerns are onboarding , coaching, and mentorship
  • Mileage expenses for in-person meetings as decreased – more meetings are possible virtually

What has changed in your organization regarding technology use?

  • Telehealth improved care
  • Telehealth increased physician engagement
  • More virtual visits
  • Back-office communicates more often

How will you be prepared for a second wave? What has COVID taught you and what will you do different?  

  • Keep communication high
  • Embrace for continued PPE supply chain struggles
  • Remain vigilant and understand Covid is a chronic problem