Life at BlackTree Healthcare Consulting

Want to know what life at BlackTree Healthcare Consulting is like?

We’re a team of over 100 employees based in Philadelphia, but also have work from home positions across the nation. Our staff all share a vision built by the five founding members; work hard, play hard and give back. Our staff directly reflect the company we built. Our clients are some of the largest home care and hospice agencies in the nation, all working to better their operations and ultimately the level of care for their patients. You become a part of something big with BlackTree. We need professionalism, leadership, hard work and passion to work in this industry and to make a true difference for our clients.

Yes, we’re a fun company. But most importantly we work hard for our industry. We need staff to make things happen. If you can do that, BlackTree Healthcare Consulting is for you.

Can you picture yourself working hard, giving back and having fun?
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“This opportunity has been everything I was hoping for and more. I am excited to have been part of the growth we have experienced the past two years, and look forward to being involved in the continued success of the company moving forward. Thank you for the support you have given me and my colleagues and for working hard to give us constant opportunities to grow within BlackTree and the industry as a whole. I promise this does not go unnoticed.”

“Working remotely can have its challenges, but with BlackTree, I feel part of something and always connected. That is HUGE when you work remotely! You make me feel like I am appreciated and that I matter. You all have gone above and beyond and I feel blessed to work with such an amazing group of people!”

“This is one of the best reasons I love working at BlackTree. The compassion and the generosity from everyone that works here.”